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About us

"Exclusive" Travel Company

Professional service, excellent catering, good equipment, reliable transportation and safety-conscious guides make our tours exceptional. The first hand experience, local area knowledge, high skilled staff and tight relationship with the local people - these altogether build up your stress free and active holidays in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We provide our clients with tours that meet their need and desires.

- We know what...
"Exclusive" staff is very happy working with active travelers because they also enjoy travelling themselves. They know well what tourism is and for what you came to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 
- We know where...
As we keep sustainable contact with more than 50 local herders and horsemen, "Exclusive" always has precise information wherever you go travelling in Kyrgyzstan.
- We know when...
Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have quite excellent climates, "Exclusive" keeps great harmony with weather. We arrange our fantastic tours during the most pleasant time!
- We know how...
Although Kyrgyzstan consists 93% of mountains, we know how to deal with. Our guides and other staff are competent and ensure your safety and comport at every corner of Kyrgyzstan.
- We know who ...
Every tour with "Exclusive" is special. Our guides and local supporting staff pay great attention to everyone who goes with us from their arrival moment upon departure.
- We know why ...
The incredible tours with "Exclusive" answer to many hidden questions people have had about Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, its mystery, nomadic civilization and so on. Let us guide you to beyond your expectations.
- We thank to our honored guests...
All team members of "Exclusive"  Company would like to submit the hearty thanks to our honored guests for their great contributions for the local community benefits and the best images used in the web site.

Experience Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with
Its mission is to provide the best travel experiences for our clients and to demonstrate the most authentic cultural and nature aspects of each place visited within Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan as well as some of the Central Asia's most important destinations.

"Exclusive" is glad to help tourists to create local bookings for pre-planned trips, independent and tailor made vacations, charity or corporate marketing events, conferences, and many more. Custom designed tours and expeditions for special interests such as photography, historical and cultural visits, spas and thermal hot springs, bird watching, botany, nature, fishing, and others are also in their repertoire.