Traditional clothes

As this is a very interesting subject of discussion, our team has decided to produce a special article on traditional Kyrgyz garments. So, welcome to our company in Kyrgyzstan, rent a car and get ready for an exciting tour. Many visitors today can travel across the flexible territory of our world and take an interest in customs and traditions from the point of view of western clothing.

Traditional clothes of kyrgyz people, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Guests in Kyrgyzstan on tours still want to discover the country they're traveling through in depth. Clothes appear to represent main ideas and facts of the people and country. Usually, the material of Kyrgyz clothing reflects spiritual life, and it has been and remains exclusive for around 700 years. People's attire is scarcely used in daily life, perhaps on holidays. And basically, the clothes remain adaptive to the nomadic way of life of the inhabitants, so that they feel comfortable in the winds of the heights.

Kyrgyzstan car rental on tours can take hikers to some of the museums that display traditional clothes, made up of outfits and underwear. The men wore "jarq shym" "kandagay" and "chalbar" pants. Along with the fluffy Ichik suit. It's made up of wolf, fox and lynx fur. This coat may also be part of a normal girl style. Men also favoured wearing Chokoy and Charyk shoes, and Tebetey, Kalpak and Malakai tops.

Women wore Beldemchi, their favorite skirt. Female hats were also adorned with bird feathers. Pearls and precious stones, as well as various traditional ornaments. The "chyptama" jacket was also used by the girls at the time.