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Kyrgyz nation

Kyrgyz nation mentioned in Chinese history as early as 201 BC, but the descriptions of its people are scarce and sometimes contradictory. Geographic origin Kirghiz is the subject of scientific debate, some believe that they came from the shores of Lake Kyr-Nur in Mongolia, while others believe they first lived in the area of ​​the ridge Borough Horo in the eastern part of the Tien Shan Mountains in China.
It is believed that the ancient kyrgyzskoe state was created at the same time as the Turkic language empire. Thus, the Kirghiz were among the first people who created the concept of the state.
Their feudal state was established in 4-5 centuries BC at a time when the Kirghiz lived in Minusinsk basin along the Yenisey River to the north-east of the now existing Kyrgyzskoy Republic.
In 840 AD in place of the Great State of Uyghur Khanate was established Kirghiz, whose borders stretched from Lake Baikal to the Irtysh River, and from the present city of Krasnoyarsk to the Great Wall of China.

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