Modern Kyrgyzstan

In the XIII century, the state was divided into a number of feudal-tribal areas, which have become easy prey for the forces of Genghis Khan in 1207. In 1293 the state was Eniseyskih Kyrgyzov cavity destroyed.
The area of ​​different habitats kyrgyzskih tribes in the XV-XVI centuries. stretched from western Mongolia to Eastern Turkestan. However, the area of ​​the central Tien Shan, Chu valley and south-eastern part of Fergana region, the area close to coinciding with the current boundaries of Kyrgyzskoy, formed the core of the territory Kyrgyz nation and is considered the birthplace of the modern nation Kyrgyz.
By XVI century kyrgyz fully developed nation in its present form within the boundaries of modern Kyrgyzstan.
From the middle of the XIX century Kyrgyz tribes were gradually incorporated into the Russian Empire.
After the October Revolution of 1917 began a new phase of economic and cultural life of the Kirghiz people. In the post-revolutionary Russia the territory of the Republic of the current Kyrgyzskoy was incorporated into the Turkestan Autonomous Republic.