car rent and Tajikistan

Dear travelers, our car rent company wants you to come and explore the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, with their capitals and the main centers in such beautiful cities with the wonderful urban culture and style, as Bishkek city, Almaty city and Dushanbe city. As it is said in one very interesting expression, which perfectly descries the present realia and the modern life, "Camp out among the grass and gentians of glacier meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of Nature's darlings. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves". Our car rent company fully agrees with these words and therefore we are ready to provide you with all opportunities of travelling throughout Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, including the provision and delivery of the cars for rent, drivers, guides, accommodation and so on.

The delivery of the cars for rent is conducted around the clock throughout the cities of Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe, where you will arrive as soon as you land. In addition, the delivery is totally free and we will bring the cars for rent in any part of the above-mentioned cities. Moreover, our auto renting company is ready to give you the drivers and guides, who will convert the auto tour into the fairytale, where you will not worry about anything, which generally bothers the travelers, as bad weather conditions, lack of the petrol station and restaurants.

So, choose our auto renting company and you will never regret of such decision! Our car rent company is waiting for you in order to show you that the fairytales can come true!