Independent Kyrgyzstan

In 1924 he was made division of the republics of Central Asia and in the area was formed by the Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Region, the administrative part of the Russian Federation.
In 1926 it was reorganized into the Kyrgyz Autonomous Republic, which is composed of the RSFSR.
On the basis of the new constitution of the USSR in 1936 the area became the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic with the status, legal status equal to other republics of the Union, including the Russian Federal Republic.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union became the independent Republic of Kyrgyzskaya rightful successor to the Soviet Kyrgyzstan and received international recognition. The new government includes the President, the Prime Minister and ZhogorkuKenesh (parliament).
In 1994, the first president by popular referendum Kyrgyzskoy Republic became Askar Akayev, and the Constitution was adopted.
The country's leaders refused to set up a socialist and democratic state.