Altyn Arashan mountain pike

The gorge involves resort "Altyn Arashan" is located on the right bank of the river of the same name and is a closed bath inside wooden rooms and open-just above the cliff. Cozy guest houses, where you can eat and relax, "call" a tired traveler in tours. Water with a temperature of about 50 degrees heals and tones.

From the springs, it is about a 5-hour walk to the beginning of the Palatka Glacier, a local landmark. Before this, you can take a car rent in Kyrgyzstan which will be helpful in tours. On the other side of the Arashan River there is a small wooden house and a museum of animals of this region of Kyrgyzstan. On the left tributary of the Suuk Tor - in the upper and middle reaches-there are two more rare beauty of the dammed lakes. This tour will open you a great Golden Spa which will not leave you indifferent to Kyrgyzstan resorts. For more relaxation you can order car rent service in Kyrgyzstan. In tours we recommend all comfortable options.