Of course, before travel with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, tourists find information about the country and, most importantly, about the currency. Yes, it is logical that people want to know about the currency, because they should be aware of the amount of currency brought in for the travel tour of Kyrgyzstan. On the travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, visitors pay off with soms and dollars. It is a clear statement that in many places in Kyrgyzstan, they accept only their own currency, that is, this means that they will not accept another currency from you. Therefore, in order not to create inconveniences for yourself during travel tour in Kyrgyzstan, you should exchange money in banks.

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In the banks of Bishkek, exchange rates may differ, but currency exchange here is much more profitable than in the regions or at the bazaars of Kyrgyzstan. And so remember that banks usually work in the country from morning to 5 pm. On the tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, you can also use currency exchange offices, which are open for almost 24 hours. Despite the fact that many countries already use credit cards, in Kyrgyzstan you can pay with such cards as Visa and Master only in some places. Our country continues to use the traditional way of paying in cash.