Dungan sanctum

On tours in Kyrgyzstan, our clients will be able to visit many incredible sights, enjoy the scenery of nature and also learn a lot of facts about the mountainous country. Guests of Kyrgyzstan will have a unique chance to visit the Dungan mosque and find out that it has religious significance for local residents. During the tours, you will be able to delve into the history of the country and also explore it.

As history shows, in 1877, people were on the run from the territory of China and left their homes, but they went to Kyrgyzstan, where they remained. As a result, they created their own community. After that, in 1907, this year is considered when the architect Zhou Xia was invited and the construction of the mosque began. He and a team of 20 people were able to build a mosque using a unique technology. As a result, the mosque was built without a single nail and metal.

Today, anyone can go on tours in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the beautiful scenery, explore the mosque and rent a car for this. And we offer guests to rent a car to explore the colors of the mosque, which have their own individual meanings. For example, red is a protection against evil spirits, yellow helps attract wealth, and green represents happiness.

You will be able to find out during the tours that in the Soviet era, people were not allowed to believe in God and have a religion, as well as visit religious sites. All events took place in the 20th century. And when there was the Second World War, the Muslims allocated a large amount of money because there were large losses in the country. After that, people were allowed to go to mosques. And today you will be able to rent a car on tours in Kyrgyzstan, go on a trip to the Issyk-Kul region, visit the city of Karakol and see the Dungan mosque.