The history of Kyrgyzstan is very rich and ancient. Tourists will be able to explore it in their tours and rent a car for tours around Kyrgyzstan to learn many interesting details and facts. The country has various historical details that you can explore on tours with guides and local residents and of course with nomads.

During the tours, tourists will be able to get acquainted with ancient writings, which are usually painted on the walls of gorges, or on stones. Such places can show us about the ancient nomads. Nomads moved from pasture to pasture and yurts are portable dwellings, with the cattle and stuff. The history is estimated at 2000 years and begins with 201 BC, which is indicated in written sources.

You can rent a car and learn a lot about the history of Kyrgyzstan take a walk in beautiful places and of course learn about the history and culture and art of origin among the ancient people. We would also like to tell you about the open-air Museum located in Cholpon Ata on Issyk Kul. It shows the spiritual life of antiquity, where shamans drew drawings, and dates back to the Bronze Age. Traveling here you can see petroglyphs, ancient writings, and animals like goats, horses, bulls and snow leopards. Also in these places you can see scenes of dancing, socializing and hunting.

The history of the countries is celebrated since 201 BC as it is written in Chinese sources. And ancient history from 1000 BC to 300 AD. There are historical facts about 5 peoples who fought against the Huns, which is indicated in the" Historical sources" in the chronicle. Other facts about history are also given in the Chronicles of Han Shu, the historian of Ban Gu. Scientists say that the ancient Kyrgyz lived on the territory of East Turkestan.

People believed that 1200-1400 was one of the darkest periods of the country, as there were great attacks by the Mongols. They were able to worsen the culture of the Turks, at that time it was developed quite well. Tourists will be able to rent cars on tours around Kyrgyzstan, where you can find out that in 1207 the Yenisei Kyrgyz fell under the yoke of Genghis Khan. In the 12th and 15th centuries, the ancient Kyrgyz began to convert to Islam, due to their strong influence with Turkish, Persian, and Arab traders.

As soon as you go on tour, you will find out that in the 15th century the country hosted people from southern Siberia. From the 15th century to the 19th century, the Kyrgyz did not have their own statehood. The tribes that existed at that time wanted to create one state with a single leader. The idea of uniting the tribes failed, but the tribes began to gain views on independence and politics.

In the period from the 18th to the 19th century, the Kyrgyz wanted to join the Russian Empire. At that time, they sent representatives to communicate their intentions to Russian leaders. The North wanted to join Russia as it suffered from attacks and threats. Threats were not only from outside, but also from inside. The southern part of the country was not ready for annexation and was annexed by force. All this led to the fact that the nomads moved to a sedentary lifestyle. When people become citizens and began to engage in agriculture.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Bolsheviks intended to seize power of the Russian Empire in 1917. They were against exploitation and said that all people should be the same. After that, the Soviet Union began to exist. Political and cultural life began to improve. The development of education has also begun. The statehood of the people was replaced by an Autonomous region. The darkest period at that time was the ban on faith in God or any faith. And this led to the murder of many people.

The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991. After that, Kyrgyzstan became independent. The inhabitants of the country wanted to improve the country, and were happy about independence, but after the collapse, unemployment increased, the standard of living decreased, and the crisis in the political social and economic spheres. After gaining independence, Kyrgyzstan adopted the flag coat of arms. Country joined the UN in 1992 and adopted the Constitution in 1993. The country still remained unstable.  After that, there were conflicts in the country that resulted from the revolution in 2005 and 2010. The people were dissatisfied with the methods of government and the government. The country is quiet and safe for exciting tours with car rent.


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