Jeti Oguz canyon truly as Seven Bulls

As we talk about Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls) it is possible to say that seeing it with your own eyes during the tour in Kyrgyzstan all can see the form reflects the bulls standing in a row. We still travel in Karakol city, and just in 28km such an amazing piece of art is noticed. For being able to get there it is easier renting a car, as the way is far long.

The color of the gorge is red, resembling bulls - so amazing view, it should be seen! In the process of the tour guests will be able to get the understanding of emergence of the gorge. The first legend says of a king killing the bull on its top, not the only one, but seven of them. That is why the hill started to be of blood color. As the tour is not short one, you will be told other legends of Kyrgyzstan locations.

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