Spending time on tours of Kyrgyzstan by means of cars for rent service, travelers can explore beautiful territory, enjoy amazing nature. They can also explore the wonderful sites of the small country that is located in Central Asia and rent a car. In addition, travelers during tours in Kyrgyzstan can investigate the country's rich natural resources. Also, tourists can find out that the country borders on the south, north, east and west sides with other countries.

The wonderful nature of the territory attracts tourists to go on a travel tour to Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, the area has majestic mountains that occupy most of the country's territory. Tourists find out that about 90% of the country is at altitude. And 80% of Kyrgyzstan is the mountains of the beautiful Tien Shan. Travelers will be able to explore on tours that the country is rich in popular mountain peaks and professionals will be able to explore them. During tours with cars for rent service in Kyrgyzstan, tourists can explore what are natural resources like gold and they are mainly mined in the Talas region, the area adjacent to the Chatkal River, Makmal and Kumtor mine.

Icy rivers are the goal of those people who are engaged in rafting here. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, guests can see how the country is rich in lakes and rivers. During tours in Kyrgyzstan, they can explore that there are about 4,000 rivers and 2,000 lakes in the country. Tourists will also have the chance to see some of them during travel time.

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Visitors of Kyrgyzstan on tours can explore that nature itself creates beautiful places, natural resources, and presents scenes for breathtaking photography. The main wealth of Kyrgyzstan is hills, minerals, water and gorges.

Everyone will be able to explore the beautiful nature on tours around Kyrgyzstan and enjoy a walk through the country's parks. It is possible to rent a car and go on tours to see the Issyk Kul State Reserve. This nature park was founded in 1948. Such wild animals as snow leopard, Siberian goat, Marcopolo, brown bear are popular here. The Issyk Kul State Reserve has an area of 1329 hectares and forests cover about 687 hectares.

During the traveling in Kyrgyzstan, visitants can explore the southern part of the country, where the Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve is located. This place was found in 1960 to preserve the landscapes and forests of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, it is possible to explore the Ala Archa National Park of Kyrgyzstan, which is one of the most famous places in the country. It was organized in 1976. Visitants can find out that this is one of the most frequently visited places in the country. This place has a rich flora and fauna, everybody could walk here, see beautiful places and paths.

In addition, our team want to talk about a beautiful place called Chon Kemin National Park. It is located in the south of the Chon Kemin Valley. Its territory covers about 123 hectares, and was created in 1997. Tourists of Kyrgyzstan can explore the nature of the country on tours in Kyrgyzstan, and realize that this place was created to preserve the flora and fauna of the country, as well as forests.