New country new adventures, you can see the review of Kyrgyzstan before you go on a tour. Our company organizes various trips around the country; you should get acquainted with the principles of our company before the tour starts.

Our travel agency has been around for quite a long time and is happy to provide you with assistance in organizing tours; we can tell you about how to enter the country, leave it, and about the tour itself. We consider our work very important and responsible.

We describe our work as love for the Motherland, for work and care and hospitality to the guests of our country. You can choose absolutely any car for your tours and go on a trip. Our travel Agency can organize and conduct various tours with difficulty levels, details, and of course attractions that you will visit in the future.

Guests of Kyrgyzstan usually like four-wheel drive cars. You can use them to go anywhere in the country, see the most remote areas and enjoy the most magnificent places. The quality of the roads not very good and therefore it is advisable to rent a car as a jeep.

The territory of Kyrgyzstan is covered with mountains and there is an opportunity to enjoy and relax in nature, where you can also do trekking, Hiking or horse riding. Do not forget about the possibility of communicating with local residents, nomads, who will be able to show you and tell you about their life in the mountains. Our company has created all conditions for tours where you can rent a car and go to the mountains and learn the customs and traditions of the people, learn the hospitality and culture of local residents. Nights are usually spent in guest houses or yurts. In guest houses you will find comfort, and yurts comfort and of course the traditional atmosphere of nomads. If your nights are spent in yurts, dinner will also be there. Toilets are located on the street and are rarely found with showers. As soon as you become our clients, we will be able to offer you all conditions in tours and of course car rent.

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