Rukh Ordo complex

For people of different backgrounds, the Rukh Ordo Complex is the core of historical cultural communication; it is the center of cross-cultural enrichment and exchanging of sentiments and values. Visitors will enrich their tour with a view to the world of faith, folklore and a large car rental environment.

Much of the individuals taking car rental tours in Kyrgyzstan engage with the facts from a research point of view, along with certain misleading facts. The architecture of the complex is deliberate. People agreed to set up a location that would include the religions and countries. This is the position that a lot of legislators have chosen to visit. The complex floods Issyk Kul lake to the south and Kungei Ala Too to the north. The basic idea of the complex is situated in the middle of the five major faiths, side by side, facing each other. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan is a way to see the magical side of the building. It is represented in white chapels to demonstrate the openness of people to each other and their love will. And tourists can spend the middle of their tour in Kyrgyzstan around the sightseeing site, anywhere in the country, and enjoy car rental in the background.


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