Kyrgyz house

Log in yurts close mat of stems ences, lined koshma, or on the door frame is hinged wooden door. From the outside wall of the yurt grid tied up mat, woven from the stalks ences, and then felt. On the dome tent is placed around the perimeter of the circle bands of ornaments, and then two or three layers of felt. The hole formed tunduk, the night closed square piece of felt. Inside and outside the tent decorated with ornaments sewn in the form of applications made on the carpet or mat. The height of the yurt is 3 m-3, 5 pm The interior of the yurt evolved over the centuries.
In the center of the yurt is given a place (kolomto) for the source, which heats the entire room. Above it is placed on a stand boiler. Ground floor of the yurt is covered with felted cloth, sheep and ox-hides, carpets. On the wall hung some velvet carpet-kiyiz carcasses. Utensils, household appliances, clothes are stored in bags, which in a specific order are suspended in a lattice wall yurts. Yurt is divided into two parts: male and female.