Kyrgyzstan villages

Kyrgyz are usually settled ailami established on the descent. Winter parking lot located at low altitude in the valleys and gorges, sheltered from the wind, near water and land. It established a yurt, built sheds, corrals for livestock. Gradually, the cabin began to appear permanent housing and the village grew. In this part of the population continued to live in yurts and used them as second homes. Yurt is a valuable cultural monument Kyrgyz people. Portable Yurt-dwelling, which held the whole life of a nomad. Yurt appeared in the late 8th and early seven centuries. BC, when the pastoral tribes settled and half-turned to nomadic pastoralism. In an era of patriarchal-tribal relations tent was larger and sometimes up to 200 people.
The design of the yurt was improved by nomads for centuries. She quickly assembled from individual components and as quickly disassembled. Its constituent parts are easy to transport horses, yaks and camels. The assembly begins with the installation of the yurt door frame. Then set the wall, and then the dome of hemispherical shape with a hoop-tunduk. Formed by the hole tunduk serves to illuminate the tent and the chimney to the hearth.